Sunday, June 29, 2008

Google Calendar API: managing main and secondary calendars

Adding an event in a Google calendar is pretty easy. For me, the only touchy think is to select the correct calendarID.

  • To add an event in the main calendar (the default calendar created by Google when the account is created) the url is: /calendar/feeds/default/private/full
  • To add an event in a secondary calendar the url is: /calendar/feeds/<calendarID>/private/full

To find the calendarID:

1) Go to Google Calendar.
2) Click on "Manage calendar
3) Select the tab Calendars
4) Click on the name of the secondary calendar
5) You will see an entry that says "Calendar address"
6) Search (

Don't forget to replace the @ with %40 when used in you application.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Google App Engine: basic tips

  • To start the local python server in debug mode:

python –debug

  • To reset the datastore:

python --clear_datastore

  • To use Google App Engine behind a proxy

With Windows, 2 system variables need to be set:

http_proxy =http://<login>:<password>@<proxy_address>:<proxy_port>

https_proxy = "http://<login>:<password>@<proxy_address>:<proxy_port>

  • To access the local datastore to view the application data:


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