Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Location with Firefox3.5

The recent Google I/O event demonstrates the Firefox3.5 location feature. Indeed, in a near future, every HTML5 browser will have the possibility to return the browser location. This new interesting feature will allow developers to propose new kind of web applications taken into account user location.

Today, I decide to evaluate the Firefox3.5Beta4 location capabilities.
In a previous article, i had already evaluated the Safari IPhone3 W3C implementation. Idea was to verify if the same JavaScript code was working on both IPhone Safari and Firefox browsers.

For my tests, i take the same JavaScript used for the previous article and test it in the Firefox browser.

I’m happy to check that it works without ANY source code modification !!!

Even if it’s working fine, i have some interrogations regarding the location information returned by both implementation. I don’t understand very well how this location is returned with the IP address information. During my evaluation, without moving my laptop or changing my IP address, the location returned by the API is not always the same… more interesting, the location returned by both Safari and Firefox is not exactly the same !!! I will try in a next article to enter more into details in this interesting behavior.

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